Transport ALV layouts

How can ALV layouts variants be transported?
And what about layouts for query reports?

ALV layouts are system-dependent and client-dependent in SAP.

Transport using standard report RKKBALVI

Transporting layouts between clients within a system or between different systems can easily be achieved using standard report RKKBALVI as described in SAP note 643330. On the selection screen, you can specify from which program you want to edit layouts (1). You can further restrict the selection by specifying ‘Handle’ (2) and ‘Logical Group Name’ (3).

The selection screen of standard report RKKBALVI'
Selection screen of report RKKBALVI

The system displays a list of all selected layouts in the current client. In this list, you can select the layouts that you want to export. You can use the menu path ‘Layout → Transport’ to trigger the export. Likewise, you can use the menu path ‘Environment -> Import Layouts’ to trigger the import.

Exporting ALV layouts using report RKKBALVI
Exporting ALV layouts using report RKKBALVI

Manually transport using table LTDX

Entries in table LTDX in transaction SE16
Table LTDX contains ALV variants

Imagine a scenario where a customer wants to transport layouts for a SAP query, more specificly the ALV report generated by the query. We can ‘manually’ add relevant layouts to a transport request. Function module LT_VARIANTS_TRANSPORT facilitates this process. Executing the function places all selected variants of a given report in a transport. Look up the variants in table LTDX and use the records as input for function module LT_VARIANTS_TRANSPORT.


-i_source_clientclient from which to select variants, e.g. ‘100’
t_variantsreportname of the ALV report program
t_variantshandlesee LTDX
t_variantslog_groupsee LTDX
t_variantsusernamesee LTDX
t_variantsvariantname of the variant/layout, e.g. ‘/DEFAULT’
t_variantstypesee LTDX
t_defaultsreportname of the ALV report program
t_defaultshandlesee LTDX
t_defaultslog_groupsee LTDX
Tip: enter ‘*query_name*’ as the program name in the selection for table LTDX to find the generated report name for a query
Laurens Deprost
Laurens Deprost
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