Warehouse barcode scanning

Ajinomoto OmniChem has opted to implement the concept of handling units in SAP WM. This implementation coupled with tailor-made barcode scanning applications for warehouse operators, updated SAP transactions, and brand-new reporting tools encompass the Start2Scan Project. The results are more streamlined supply-chain processes, a transparent, traceable flow of resources and of course happy end users and customers.

  • Develop of mobile barcode scanning applications in SAPUI5
  • Configuration and development of SAP Gateway services
  • Development of new tools and cockpits for operations and reporting
  • Development of enhancements & updates of existing logic for handling unit usage
  • Refactoring and proofing part of existing ABAP codebase to optimize performance on HANA database
Laurens Deprost
Laurens Deprost
SAP Consultant