Check ADS configuration for Adobe Forms development

Is your ABAP system ready for Adobe Forms development?


Before starting to develop Adobe Forms or when running into issues, backend/ABAP developers can run a test program to make sure that the configuration steps for ADS (Adobe Document Services) have been completely and corrently executed.

ADS configuration test program

  • Start program FP_TEST_00

    • Log on to the AS ABAP system.
    • Start the transaction SE38 and enter the program name FP_TEST_00.
    • Choose ProgramExecute (F8).
  • Fill the selection screen

    • Form: FP_TEST_00
    • ADS Connection: ‘ADS’ or the RFC Destination name specified in your system (if it does not correspond to the default entry)
      Selection screen of report 'FP_TEST_00'
      Selection screen of report FP_TEST_00
  • Execute the program

    • Choose ProgramExecute (F8).
    • Enter the Output Device.
    • Choose Print Preview.
      Print dialog in report 'FP_TEST_00'
      Print dialog in report FP_TEST_00

If the system displays a form containing several lines on two pages, the ADS configuration is correct. Otherwise, perform the follow-up tests described below.

View the form output

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Follow-up tests

In case the ADS configuration is not correct, contact a SAP Basis colleague to perform the following tests manually.

Check the RFC Destination

Check the RFC Destination needed to establish the connection between the Forms Processing Framework on the AS ABAP and the ADS on the AS Java.
More information: Checking the ABAP Connection to ADS

Check the ADS user and password

Check whether the user, the security role and passwords are correct and basic authentication is possible.
More information: Checking the User and the Password

Check the destination service

Check the settings of the destination service.
More information: Checking the Destination Service

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Laurens Deprost
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